Sunday, October 5, 2008

WIP Stage 5

WIP Stage 5, originally uploaded by Riko Colin Chock.

Reworked rose. More shadows in skull. This is the current Stage that correlates to the Thursday October 2nd entry.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

So still working on the skull and rose painting. Last night went into undried glazes and the turps in the medium had dissolved the underlying glaze leading me into further frustration. Had to quickly try to remedy this situation by painting with straight stand oil to no avail. Then tried varying ratios of stand and premixed medium. Still, to no avail. So, laid down a coat of approx. 1 to 3 stand/medium and put on a base for the crappy stem. Then researched "All the Strange Hours" and read "The Big Book of Oil Painting" trying to gather some information on glazes. Tonight tried going back into the shadows of the skull and medium is still dissolving the underlying coat. Medium in the cups has gelled much more overnight and unwisely put on a coat over the entire. I feel this is unwise because of the fat over lean rule. I guess we'll see over time. Everything is still so gummy and overly tacky. I think I may need to pour fresh medium daily? Decided to continue with this mixture anyway and am now defining the stem and throwing in more highlights in the skull. Ok, I think I need to abandon this piece for now. I really need to let the glaze cure. Really should work on "Stop" but I think I will either go to the 5 or read some of my old Symbolist books or something... Will post pics of the current state later. Edit: Ok. So I really did fuck up. Medium coat is super thick and tacky/drippy. Goddamn Stand oil. I remember doing this to 'Snake Dagger' painting from long ago. Tried to go into the stem and the canvas is so very oil starved. Using premixed medium. I really don't want to abandon this piece because I really like the sculpting of the skull. I may have to because of how fat this layer is. Yeah, I really fucked up....