Monday, August 18, 2008

Costco Coffins

Costco Coffins, originally uploaded by Riko Colin Chock.

Magnificent Costco display. I have to post this separately because Blogger will not let me post within the previous edit. And it cropped the right side due to the post date column hierarchy.

Bummer. At least opening the image links to the original on Flickr...

Lightroom-Flickr-Blogger Coordination

oil on canvas, 16"x20", mid-1990's?
Testing the relationships between Lightroom 2 and Flickr and Blogger and how they can all coordinate within each other.
Just got a Flickr Pro account and am exporting from Lightroom to Flickr. The biggest pain in the ass is editing the photos within Lightroom and choosing what to post. Everything seems to be going well. Also, uploads from cellphone to Flickr. Which is the Costco coffin display. ..which will not let me upload in this edit. So I have to create a new post with export from Flickr. Created a new set "Felis catus" which is Sassy, Villian, and Sable.