Friday, December 31, 2010


Three different lighting views of another (!) piece to be cast.

Frame designing for individual dollheads

Trying to figure out frame design and construction for an individual dollhead.

So I've pretty much figured out the design and color of the face of the frame. Always will stick with Noveau. Hoping to get a greenish hint of satin black for its coloring. Sorta bronzeish. Maybe. More on the black side though.

Backing will hopefully be a scarlet or crimson suede matboard. I think the texture will complement the head and frame. Hope the color will.

Toughest part is figuring out construction of the frame. I will cast the face with plaster, but not sure about the walls. Maybe them too or I will attach the face to the walls somehow. Really so dependent upon the height clearance needed from the head. Prob will put a piece of glass to protect the head and matboard. Thus, build box, lay glazing, attach face? Then I have to deal with spacers…hmm.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Painting oils on the plaster heart

Laying on the first glazes of oil on the heart.

LOTS of drier in painting medium. 3 drops.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Painting the cast hearts

Here is the underpainting done with watercolor on the plaster heart.
Used Potter's plaster #1. Took detail from the mold very well. Sculptamold was horrible. Plaster is still curing. Really hope I got the ratio correct. First time using Potter's Plaster. Wonder if I need to find bone hardener for the plaster. Really shouldn't have gotten rid of all my supplies years ago.
Watercolor underpainting

So, now I think let this settle then paint in oils. After that, throw on some latex for texture.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Really digging the custom printed Gelaskins for my iPhone4 of my painting

Custom Gelaskin of my painting Custom Gelaskin of my painting Make your own at

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christina Bothwell

Now this is what Glass Art should look like.
When the Body Sleeps, the Spirit Travels
cast glass, ceramics
24 x 29 inches

When You Sleep
cast glass and raku fired clay   9 x 19 x 8 inches 

Christina Bothwell's Website Gallery

Monday, December 6, 2010

Blogger+ app test post

Test pic

Cat in a box

How the hell does this one work?
So many steps involved. UI is ok, I suppose.

Interesting on the many options though. Unfortunately, no options on text layout that I can find.

This is my blog

More doll heads

Finally been working on more of the bisque doll heads. Decided to use thinned down oil. Possibly sculpt more with Sculptamold. Not sure.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Grinderman at The King Cat Theater, Seattle, November 27, 2010

 Through Facebook, Grinderman had a contest seeking aspiring photographers to "Shoot the Show" in each city that the band were to play in. I submitted a link to my Flickr account and about a week later I was notified that I had been selected.
  I was to be able to attain a press and a working pass and to photograph the first four songs of the performance off to the side of the stage only.
  On the date of the performance, I met up with the Jacek the tour manager, who supplied me with my pass, the setlist and instructions of where I will be shooting. Instead of the first four songs, I was to be photographing the fourth to the eighth songs performed.
  Being a very amateur photographer, I shot approximately 254 images with only 155 coming out what I would call decent. Of those 155, I submitted 77. The band and their ad agency selected these 16. Of the rest, I am unable to post due to the license which would make them "unapproved material'. Sorta bummed because I feel a handful of them were some strong images.
 Here are those sixteen.


And here is the setlist signed by the band and my pass.

The other photos from the tour along with mine can be found here:
It was a fantastic experience and opportunity. Much thanks go out to Grinderman, Jacek, and the rest of the Grinderman team.