Friday, December 3, 2010

Grinderman at The King Cat Theater, Seattle, November 27, 2010

 Through Facebook, Grinderman had a contest seeking aspiring photographers to "Shoot the Show" in each city that the band were to play in. I submitted a link to my Flickr account and about a week later I was notified that I had been selected.
  I was to be able to attain a press and a working pass and to photograph the first four songs of the performance off to the side of the stage only.
  On the date of the performance, I met up with the Jacek the tour manager, who supplied me with my pass, the setlist and instructions of where I will be shooting. Instead of the first four songs, I was to be photographing the fourth to the eighth songs performed.
  Being a very amateur photographer, I shot approximately 254 images with only 155 coming out what I would call decent. Of those 155, I submitted 77. The band and their ad agency selected these 16. Of the rest, I am unable to post due to the license which would make them "unapproved material'. Sorta bummed because I feel a handful of them were some strong images.
 Here are those sixteen.


And here is the setlist signed by the band and my pass.

The other photos from the tour along with mine can be found here:
It was a fantastic experience and opportunity. Much thanks go out to Grinderman, Jacek, and the rest of the Grinderman team.