Friday, December 31, 2010


Three different lighting views of another (!) piece to be cast.

Frame designing for individual dollheads

Trying to figure out frame design and construction for an individual dollhead.

So I've pretty much figured out the design and color of the face of the frame. Always will stick with Noveau. Hoping to get a greenish hint of satin black for its coloring. Sorta bronzeish. Maybe. More on the black side though.

Backing will hopefully be a scarlet or crimson suede matboard. I think the texture will complement the head and frame. Hope the color will.

Toughest part is figuring out construction of the frame. I will cast the face with plaster, but not sure about the walls. Maybe them too or I will attach the face to the walls somehow. Really so dependent upon the height clearance needed from the head. Prob will put a piece of glass to protect the head and matboard. Thus, build box, lay glazing, attach face? Then I have to deal with spacers…hmm.