Friday, February 11, 2011

Framed Dollhead #1

 Finally completed and framed the first dollhead. Frame construction is really rugged. Still trying to figure it out and what material to use for the next ones: plaster or polymer clay or a combination of both. Or epoxy clay. Or resin. Or a plywood base with the sculpt on top. Ugh.

What I am in the process of figuring out is how to make a cast of the face of the frame (preferably with the walls included) so it can be a single piece. The obstacles I am facing is the depth of the shadowbox and how and if the silicone mold will hold.

So, the process next is to sculpt the face and walls of the shadowbox in polymer clay. Get it perfect in dimensions and symmetry, then make a silicone mold. Figure out what casting material to use. Then make 400 of them. Right.

I gotta get these done...